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At Hand With Patrick
Putting Penning Pressure Into Perspective

Join two time US National Champion, Patrick Shannahan as he demonstrates using proper pressure to pen sheep.
This DVD was filmed at training clinics in Oregon and California. Learn along with students in his clinics how to be successful at penning. Watch and see how these methods actually work
with footage from two National Finals.

Item PSP........$34.95 


New Cow Dog Training Series with Shane Harley.

Buy all 5 for $159.00



Starting the Young Dog

This DVD is the first in the Cow Dog
Training Series by Shane Harley. The right start is so important. Watch as Shane Harley starts young Lola. A young dog can do no wrong at
this point. Be sure and give them a place to go and keep moving your feet. Learn where balance is and how to get your dog feeling that balance.

Item# SH1.............$34.95



Triangle Theory and Outruns

This DVD is the second in the Cow DogTraining Series by Shane Harley. In this DVD, Shane Harley covers the next step in training after your dog has learned balance. A critical part of the Shane Harley method of
stockdog training. Shows the importance of releasing pressure and demonstrates the triangle method of training.

Item# SH2.............$34.95


Teaching Flanks & the In & Out

This DVD is the third in the Cow Dog
Training Series by Shane Harley. In this DVD, Shane Harley covers the importance of putting on correct flanks and how much easier they make the job for both you and your dog. Learn not only to put directional commands on
your dog but how to get the correct flank and how to train the inside or off balance flank.

Item# SH3.............$34.95


Driving & Intermediate Training

This DVD is the fourth in the Cow Dog
Training Series by Shane Harley. In this DVD, Shane Harley covers how to start your dogs driving. The natural instinct of the working Border Collie is to bring stock to you but being able to drive with your dog will give you a much more useful dog.

Item# SH4.............$34.95 


Obstacles & Competition

This DVD is the fifth in the Cow Dog
Training Series by Shane Harley. In this DVD, Shane Harley not only shows you how to work obstacles when competing but how this valuable skill will help you in every day ranch work. It continues and expands upon the DVD on flanks. Watch how important inside flanks and outside flanks are.

Item# SH5.............$34.95 


2012 National Sheepdog Finals
Box Set of all 6 days.................................$75.00 





Semis and Finals.............$45.00 


Individual Runs...............$15.00

Dog and Handler: Qty:

2012 National Sheepdog Finals Caps

$18.00 each




Building A Winning Team -Headed in the Right Direction with Patrick Shannahan

Join two time US National Champion, Patrick Shannahan, as he takes us on the journey of training a sheepdog. Second in the
DVD series Building a Winning Team, Headed in the Right Direction continues the focus on clear, concise communication.
Patrick will introduce flanks; demonstrating good flanks while assessing flanks that need work. You will learn the importance of
the gather and how to begin to lengthen your dog's outrun. Patrick will continue to teach you how to develop your dog's good
method on the sheep while working on small fetches. With clear, concise footage, Patrick will explain what he is seeing while training and will help get you and your dog Headed in the Right Direction.

Item# PS2



Building A Winning Team - Off to a Good Start with Patrick Shannahan

Join two time US National Champion, Patrick Shannahan as he takes us on the journey of training a winning team. Utilizing his method of developing a line of communication and mutually understood language, this series will take you through the process of picking a pup all the way to having a well trained dog. Whether you need a dog for work around the your farm or you want a highly trained dog for trialing, Patrick Shannahan's training methods have stood the test of time.

First in the DVD series, Off to a Good Start, shows how important communication is between you and your pup. You will get to see what training a young dog looks like when it goes well and also how it can go wrong. Patrick will start with a variety of dogs that will demonstrate how pressure, voice, correction and respect work together to develop a relationship with your dog. Once this relationship is formed you will be on your way to Training a Winning Team.

Item# PS1......$34.95



Training Secrets of a Hill Shepherd - A Training Course with Derek Scrimgeour

An all encompassing two DVD set on stockdog training from start to finish. Includes Derek's 'dangerous ground' method of training along with sections on good flanks, opening flanks, teaching driving, outruns, bend outs, pull ins, whistling, shedding, the international shed and look backs. Also, a special section on steps of starting a dog. Over 3 hours in length and broken into individual sections so that you can easily go from one part to the next. This is truly a unique set of training DVDs and suitable for all levels of handlers and stockdogs.









Talking Training with Derek Scrimgeour

Set of 2 Audio CDs detailing Derek's training methods. Concise and easy to understand. Great for traveling! From starting the young dog up to the International Shed.

Item# DS5....$29.95



"Books on Tape"

2 DVD set of the 2006 National Sheepdog Finals from Klamath Falls, Oregon. Includes highlights from the top 3 Nursery runs, the top 5 Semi-finals runs and the 17 Final runs. Also includes excerpts from the Baxter Black show along with interviews and the trade show.

Item# NSDF3...$32.95



DVD of the Champion run of Alasdair MacRae's and the Reserve Champion run of Beverly Lambert's from the 2006 National Sheepdog Finals in Klamath Falls, OR. Unedited version.

Item# NSDF2...$25.00

A Shedding Clinic with Alasdair MacRae DVD. From teaching the shed to competition shedding. 1 hour 40 minutes. The only DVD of its kind.

Item AM4D..........$39.95

Stockdog Training Fundamentals - The Basics By Mike Hubbard. Tape 1 of a series. Puppyhood through the early steps of training. Sheep and cattle


Item 993.....$39.95

Stockdog Training Fundamentals Outwork and Drives By Mike Hubbard. Tape 2 of a series. Developing balance and self control, building an outrun and driving. Sheep and cattle


Item 992.....$39.95

Training Your Dog For Cattle By Mike Hubbard. A tape for training your dog to specifically work cattle.


Item 993.....$39.95

The Basics, Outwork and Drives and Training Your Dog for Cattle , set price of $100


Item #99......$100



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